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Miss America | Spoken Word Poem

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Nutured Love

Let me fly with you

Far from society—

Let me love you

So much that it scares you

But I’ll comfort you—

I’ll hold you tight

So tight that we become inseparable—

I’ll send you roses when you’re happy and sad

Just so you can remember that I’ll  be there

No matter the times.

Christopher Moises Torres©️

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Love Rooted In A Spiritual Connection

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The Create House

Photo Credits: Christopher Moises Torres©️


A wild fire of love spread throughout the forest

I was sure our love would keep the fire at ease

But it become thicker than I imagined—

The fire took out the whole city

And only left me

To reminisce on the fire that was once my desire—

A note flew through the smoke

And it read—

I’m sorry for leaving you—

My spirit passed through

Christopher Moises Torres©️

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Living or Just Alive

The hardest part

of living

is realizing

if i am living

or just alive 

-living or just alive

Christopher Moises Torres©️

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